Vibrant and highly participatory virtual workshops that provide examples, resources, and time to make meaning of new learning for individuals and teams of participants. 


Designing a high-quality, equity-driven Graduate Profile

Centering your Graduate Profile within your system (school, district, etc.)

Designing high-quality Learning Experiences aligned to your Graduate Profile



1-3 year change management support for teams, schools, districts, etc.

Strategic planning processes for initiatives, schools, districts, etc.

Stakeholder/community input/engagement processes & structures, focusing on explicitly centering your most marginalized voices, and those most impacted by inequities

Supportive coaching and facilitation for teams taking on fundamental shifts in a school, district, network, etc.

Anti-Racist WORK


1-1 learning about how whiteness/racial identity shows up in every dimension of your life and your interactions with others, & coaching for how to be move in more explicitly anti-racist ways

Workshops for educators to explore how whiteness and White Supremacy Culture shape how we show up in our professional communities in order to build an anti-racist practice in our school or district

Partnership to unpack our power and privilege, and critically examine the ways in which our whiteness can cause harm to people of color, and uphold systems/structures of oppression. 

Virtual workshops tend to be single workshops of 2-3 hours, on zoom. I often offer them in a series of 3 connected workshops as well so that you can sign up for some extended learning.

Systems change work happens slowly, so a typical project scope of ongoing coaching and consulting is anywhere from 1-3 years.

Building an anti-racist practice is a continuous process that has no point at which you say, “check, done…I don’t need to work on this anymore.” That said, I offer single workshops, modules of several connected workshops, and a 12-week course, as well as individual personalized coaching.

How long is a typical engagement?

My clients are primarily folks who work in individual schools or districts who want to push on the current status quo of education and do something different for students. They are classroom teachers, administrators, special education teachers, counselors, district leaders, community stakeholders and students.

For those interested in white affinity anti-racist work, I have worked with lawyers, working moms, marketing analysts, CEO’s, educators, first responders, and musicians. If you identify as white, can acknowledge that racial identity is a force that impacts our society, and you are interested in a deeply reflective process to explore this…let’s work together!