Have you already participated in an Introductory workshop for Revelatory Assessment, and want more? Does it feel like the work that you must attend to first is shifting the mindsets that your community holds about assessment? We deeply believe that this work often must start with the facilitators of learning or those with the positional power of "assessor". In order to design revelatory assessments, we must experience revelatory learning, and rewrite the scripts we have about assessment. Join us for this deep dive design session that will center the learning of the adult learners in your community first.
By the end of the session, we will have:
  • reconnected with the Revelatory Framework and its 5 essential components
  • designed a draft/prototype of a professional learning plan that (1) creates opportunities for adults to identify, reflect on, and shift their own mindsets around assessment, and (2) designs experiential learning for adults to have lived experiences that embody at least 1 of the essential components
  • received feedback on our draft/prototype
  • created a plan to engage learners as co-designers
PRE-REQUISITE: Introduction to Revelatory Assessment (please participate in this before participating in a deep dive session) 



- Deep Dive Participant, March 2023

"A REVELATION I HAD IN THIS WORKSHOP IS THE NECESSITY OF Modeling with adults! Making it real for them in their assessment too!" 


What They're Saying: